Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Videos of Ella

Here are some more videos for your enjoyment. I was able to get Ella to talk for the camera. Sometimes she likes to yell and sometimes I can get her to use her inside voice.

This is where she is yelling at me. Apparently it starts early in life!

This next video is of Ella waving. I think that she just does this because Aaron and I get so excited. But we are going to assume it is because we have the most intellectually advanced 8 month old out there. :-)

In this one, Ella was just talking nicely. I wanted to prove that she does have a some what quiet volume. She is trying to buzz her lips like I am. You can kind of see her trying. She usually goes red in the face trying to push the air through her lips. We think its pretty funny. But she is a pretty talkative baby. Our house is NEVER quiet anymore. We absolutely love everything about it!!!

Butterfly Museum

We recently took a trip to the Butterfly Museum with Ella. She had so much fun. She really loves to be outside and was not frightened by all these "things" flying around here. These are some pictures of our adventure. The video if of Ella trying to grab a butterfly off the tree.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and then Some

Here are some Halloween pictures from our ward party. We had a lot of fun. Ella was an angel and Aaron and I were devils. No one recognized us because they have never seen me with dark hair, and Aaron was just too scary to look at.

There is also some pictures of where Aaron fell through the ceiling of our office. Luckily is was not in a high traffic area... and Aaron is safe. :-)