Thursday, July 21, 2011

Conversations with a 3 year old

As much I as I get annoyed with a child that communicates well (she knows how to use it) there are some very funny and interesting conversations that come from it. You can just see their little minds working. Today, as I was laying Ella down for her nap, I was talking to my sister Kimmy on the phone. Ella always wants to know who I am talking to and when I mentioned it was Aunt Kimmy this is the conversations that ensued:
Ella: "Aunt Kimmy? She got married to Uncle Eric."
Mommy: "That's right"
Ella: "Mommy, you gonna get married?"
Mommy: "I already got married to Daddy. We got married before you were born."
Ella: "Daddy can't get married."
Mommy: "Why can't Daddy get married?"
Ella: "Because, Daddy can't wear a white dress."

Well, I sure hope that Daddy can't/doesn't ever wear a white dress, or any dress for that matter. And then tonight, I took some "Mommy time" and Aaron had a treat with Ella. As I was walking to my room, this is what I hear:

Daddy: "Let's sit at the table and talk."
Ella: "Okay"
Daddy: "What do you want to talk about?"
Ella: "Let's talk about missionaries!"

I was expecting her to talk about the music we danced to today, or to talk about what she and Ty did together. But out popped, "Let;s talk about missionaries." And then she and Aaron went on to talk about missionaries. I just love it. I love that we are having actual conversations where she has opinions and can talk back and forth with me. Just love that girl!