Sunday, August 9, 2009

All's well that ends well

So I thought that I would let you know how the first part of our vacation went before the accident. We really had a fun time in Utah. I stayed three weeks with my dad and then Aaron came up and we headed to his parents house. We had some much fun catching up with everyone and Ella loved playing with her aunts and uncles and her cousins.

We are still trying to recuperate from the accident. We are feeling better and our bruises and such are practically gone. We are dealing with the after shock of it all. It is actually most noticeable in Ella. She hates her car seat now and she gets frightened easily from loud banging noises. I am sure it will just take some time for her to forget. We appreciate all the prayers and concerns.

I hope that the pictures and videos bring smiles to your faces, just like they do to me. Love you all!!!

Here is Ella with her twin cousins Caleb and Adam. They are only 2 months younger than here and they loved to get into things.

Ella loved playing with everyone. She just wanted to be apart of it all. This is here with Elena.

There was a doll bench that Ella thought she could fit into. This is the results:

My dad has a dog and a cat and Ella just couldn't contain herself around them. She loves to be around animals and fortunately these pets were kid friendly.

I will post some videos soon!!