Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Projects and New PIctures

I made a trip to Good Will a few weeks ago and stumbled across this dress for Ella. She was so excited when she saw it. She calls it her cinderbella dress and has to wear it everyday. She is such a girly girl!
Ty is now almost 6 months old. It's amazing how time flies. He is losing his hair and you can kind of tell in this picture. He has little tufts of it on the top and around his ears, every where else blond hair is coming in so you can see it very well. He absolutely adores his sister. He is totally fascinated by her hair and grabs it anytime she is close.
I also decided today to make some headbands. I wanted to see if I could make them cheaper than I could buy them and I think I succeeded. All the ribbon was either 50% off of from a grab bag that was $1.50 and then I got the headbands on 50% off too so they where only $.50 a piece. So it cost me about $4 to make 3 headbands. Not so shabby. I looked online and everything that looked like these were between $10-$15. I have to say I am just a little proud of myself!

Here is a cute video of Ty in his horse. He loves that thing and he gets really excited about and you can tell from his loud screaming. I get to enjoy this everyday.