Monday, November 9, 2009

LIfe at the Boyces

Here are some pictures of our precious Ella. She is so much fun and a really good toddler. She is talking so much now and she learns a new word almost everyday it feels like.Ella is definitely mommy's little helper. I think that she is going to be a great big sister. Here are some of her new words:
Papa (grandpa)
Baby - she has to give a little coo before she says it though, she won't ever just say the word baby by itself.
Please- without using sign language
Woof Woof

Also, whenever I ask her where mommy's baby is, she comes and kisses my belly. She reminds Aaron and me to say prayers before everything. We say prayers every time we eat, even snacks, when I get her up in the morning, before her nap, and of course before bed. She is so sweet.

I am starting to feel a little better with my pregnancy. I still get sick to my stomach, but it's not as bad as it was. I am now 16 weeks along and starting to feel the baby move more and more. I am glad that I get to feel my babies move early. It really helps me get excited about the baby, instead of being in the dumps about feel so sick all the time.
We have just 4 more weeks till we find out what we are having and I am really excited. Aaron's work is going really well and he loves it. We are so grateful for all the blessings we have seen in our lives.
Ella had just woken up from a nap and her hair was crazy.


Aaron and I are officially insane. A few weeks ago we discovered that we had mold growing in our kitchen cabinets. We tried to figure out the least expensive and least destructive way to get rid of the mold. We finally came to the conclusion on Halloween that our kitchen cabinets had to go. Here is a picture of our kitchen before the remodel.
This is where the insanity part comes in. We decided to rip out our all our kitchen cabinets. We shopped around and decided it was the best option, with me being pregnant and all, we couldn't afford to have mold in our house.

After we ripped everything out we discovered the mold was a little worse than we originally thought. It was in most of the cabinets and on some drywall behind the stove and behind the sink. So we are glad we decided to take everything out, but now we had to put everything back in.
Because we are on a budget we decided to go with Ikea and assemble everything ourselves. Now, normally I don't really mind these kinds of projects. I like putting things together and seeing the end result. But this is a whole kitchen we are talking about. And let me remind you again that I am pregnant, still a little sick, and have a very active and curious 1 year old.
Aaron and I could only work during Ella's sleeping hours and when Aaron was home from work. Luckily, Aaron's mom, Merralee, flew down to help us put things back together.
We started our project on November 1 and the kitchen is put back together as of today. I think 8 days is pretty good timing. We still have a few cosmetic details to take care of, but we now have a functional kitchen. Here is evidence of our hard work and progress.

This is a picture of some of the mold we found behind our cabinets.Almost all our cabinets hd warped, moldy wood at the bottom like this.

Since we bought everything at Ikea, everything came disassemble in boxes.

This is our almost finished project. Like I said before, we still have some cosmetic things to finish like the backsplash and filler pieces. .But for the most part, this is our new kitchen.