Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A year in the life of Ella

Ella turned one this month!! It is so crazy to think that we now have a one year old. We threw a little party for her and a few of our friends and family came. It was a lot of fun. So I thought I would go through the things Ella has been through in her first year of life..

1. Moving to our first house
2. Living for a week without air conditioning in Houston... in August.
3. Sleeping through Hurricane Ike. It was still a category 3 when it went over our house
4. Two trips to Utah, One trip to San Antonio
5. 5 visits from grandpa Scott, 4 from grandma Kim, 2 from grandma Merralee and 1 from Aunt Kimmy
I would say that she has had a very full year. And we expect year two to be just as exciting.

This is a picture of her birthday cake. I decided to make it all by myself. I think it turned out pretty good.

Here is Ella digging into her cake. She really liked the frosting. She didn't even get to the cake.


About a week before Ella's first birthday, she decided it was time to walk. She has been standing on her own since about seven months, so we thought she would be an early walker. Thankfully she wasn't because she is a busy body. She just walks and walks in circles all the time... just to walk. It is so cute to see her waddle every where. This is a video of her first day of walking.

Personality, personality, personality!!!

Ella woke up a little earlier than normal today, so Aaron and I took turns watching her while the other one got a little more shut eye. I took the first hour with Ella, and then Aaron took a turn. I love my husband very much, but sometimes... he forgets that he is suppose to be awake while watching our child... and here is the end result...

Aaron got into my chocolate last night and left it out. And because she is my daughter, Ella can smell chocolate a mile away. This picture definitely says it all. She really does have a lot of personality.