Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A year in the life of Ella

Ella turned one this month!! It is so crazy to think that we now have a one year old. We threw a little party for her and a few of our friends and family came. It was a lot of fun. So I thought I would go through the things Ella has been through in her first year of life..

1. Moving to our first house
2. Living for a week without air conditioning in Houston... in August.
3. Sleeping through Hurricane Ike. It was still a category 3 when it went over our house
4. Two trips to Utah, One trip to San Antonio
5. 5 visits from grandpa Scott, 4 from grandma Kim, 2 from grandma Merralee and 1 from Aunt Kimmy
I would say that she has had a very full year. And we expect year two to be just as exciting.

This is a picture of her birthday cake. I decided to make it all by myself. I think it turned out pretty good.

Here is Ella digging into her cake. She really liked the frosting. She didn't even get to the cake.


eden and david said...

happy birthday to ella. hope you guys had fun.

Melanie said...

Great cake! Ella is SO pretty. And I can't believe how much she looks like you! Happy Birthday Ella!

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Ha that turned out cute-she's walking! Wow!!!

Heather's facebook photos do NOT do the cake eating justice-she rocked that.

Marisa Jean said...

I can't believe she's one already. Crazy how time flies. I love the cake all over her face...so adorable!

Wendy Lady said...

One ... already? Yikes! She is truly a mini Kristen, isn't she? Do you think that her grandparents miss having her close? What a blessing for all the visits.

Matt and Haley said...

Happy Birthday Ella!