Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More fun with Ella!!!

Aaron and I got some really cute videos of Ella this past weekend and wanted to share them with you. She is still in her copy cat phase and this first video is of her playing with Aaron. She was having so much fun. She did this for about an hour straight.

Here is a video of Ella's first steps!!! She really has no interest in walking. But we did get a few steps out of her.

Also, we have been having some difficulty in getting Ella to sleep these last couple of weeks. She likes to play in her crib a lot. This is what I caught her doing instead of going to sleep. She is jumping up and down on her mattress and screaming. But they are happy screams, at least.

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Jeff and Anna too! said...

Hooray! I found your blog! She is so cute-you gotta post again! You got a new hair cut, she's getting bigger... lots new! :)