Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lots of Pictures

It's been awhile since I last put up pictures and I am long over due. The last couple of months have been fun. We spent most of July in Utah visiting family. We had so much fun we didn't want to come home.

Ella is now starting potty training and is picking it up pretty quickly. She hates having accidents so she tries hard to avoid them. She constantly talks all the time, I just have no idea what she says. My dad said that he needed a translator for Ellanese because she gets so excited on the phone that she talks really fast. ( I have NO idea where she gets that from...) Ella continues to teach me about patients and we think she has a great sense of humor.

The other day, I was hot and sticky as I am most days during the summer here, and Ella just wanted to sit right on top of me. Ty was finally down for a nap and I just needed a little space. I let Ella know this but telling her to get off me and sit somewhere else. She responded by looking up at me with those beautiful blues eyes and stated, "But I love you." What else can you do but let her sit on you.

Ty is still growing like a weed. He just had his four months check up and is in the 83% for height and 65% for weight. He was such a trooper getting his shots. He has a hard time sleeping through the night still, but it is getting better. Ty loves to smile and watch his sister. He thinks she is the funniest thing. I absolutely love it!

Time for Picture narration:

Ella loves to wear my shoes.
I made this hat for me, but I guess the instructions were a little off. So now Ella gets to have it.

I have to tell you that I am really proud of this flower. I made it up all on my own, I didn't even follow a pattern.

Ella let me braid her hair. It was so cute on her.

Here is another hat I made for Ella. The only yarn I have right now is yarn left over from making stuff for Ty. It's either blue or white.

Ella loves taking pictures with Ty.

Ella has a way of finding chocolate anywhere. We had started packing for our return trip home and put a huge Hershey kiss in our bag and left Ella alone in the room with it. This is the result:

You can still see the half eaten Kiss behind her shoulder.

I don't know if I ever posted pictures of my finished blessing outfit and blanket for Ty so here is it. It barely fit him for his blessing, but he looked very handsome in it.

These are Boyce grandchildren at Temple Square.
Ella is a major water baby. She could live in the water all day long. She is swimming with Aunt Hannah here.
Ella unsuccessfully tried to put on her pants by herself and Grandma and Papa Killpack's house. She is much better at it now.
I just love this picture of Ella. I reminds me a lot of my little sister Hannah at this age.


White Noise said...

These are so cute. Miss you guys!

Rachel said...

hey kristen! cute blog! your kids are both so cute! i love all of ella's antics. that hersheys kiss picture was so gross and so funny at the same time! also, i am so impressed with your crochet skills! (it is crochet, right? or is it knitting? what's the difference anyway?) you're so domestic!

Marisa Jean said...

You are really fine-tuning your skills! I'm impressed--and that flower was amazing!

Amazing how much of a mess kids can make with something so normal, like Hershey's Kisses.

Oh, and I seriously want to squeeze your little squirts cheeks! He's getting so big and SSSSOOOO cute!