Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy Holidays everyone! I am finally posting pictures from Halloween on. We have a little pumpkin patch by our house so we took the kids to go pick out some pumpkins. They have these cute little displays so you can take pictures. So of course we did. Ella loved the "baby" pumpkins. We got her one and she sleep with it she was so excited.

Grandma Boyce came in to town the first of November and we decided to go to the Zoo. It was a perfect day. Ella had so much fun. But she had to go potty every five minutes and the bathrooms are like 15 minutes apart at the Zoo so I think we spent more time running from bathroom to bathroom than looking at the actual animals. But we still had a blast.
Then my Dad and Kim came for a good friends wedding, and then Kimmy and Cassie came a few days later to attend the wedding as well. Ella, being the little sneak that she is, got into Cassie's makeup while she was suppose to be taking a nap. Here is the end result:We made sugar cookies for one of our Family Home Evening. Ella loves to be a big helper. She had so much fun!

This is the first day that Ty sat up all by himself. It's been so different with Ty than with Ella. She was crawling at 5 1/2 months and has been on the go since. Ty is so laid back. Now that he is crawling he gets a little more excited. But he is just as happy hanging out in the rocking chair with mom as he is crawling. He is such a happy baby.

Yay for Christmas! This year was so fun since Ella is starting to understand the whole idea of presents. She was more interested in unwrapping things that she didn't really pay attention to all she got till later. Ty loves all his toys too.
Aaron is playing princess castle with Ella in her new tent. You can see how well Aaron fits in it. He is such a great dad!
These two play so well with each other, well for the most part. No ones perfect. But they love each other that is for sure.
Ella got some dress ups for Christmas so we have a princess party everyday. This is a costume that use to Kimmy's I think. Ella is dancing in this picture.
Just wanted to show off another project I did for Christmas. I did a lot of homemade gifts this year and this I made out of left over yarn. I think it turned our pretty cute if I do say so myself. Made the pattern up and everything.

We had to get some sparklers for Ella this year. She thought they were so cool. She kept asking for "more sparkles please!"


White Noise said...

They are so cute! Oh, we miss Ella. Thanks for the update; I love seeing all the things you guys are up to. And Ty is growing into a real looker!

skcoe said...

Oh, they are getting so big Kristen! Glad you had a great Christmas...

Marisa Jean said...

You are so talented! I think that little guy of yours is so stinkin' cute! I want to just eat him up!

Oh, and I love the make-up picture. Little stinker! He he!

hkillpack said...

that tutu is mine from when i was like 5 oh well i am glad ella bella loves it she just loves the tutus of mine of what i give her love you and hope tosee you soon!!!