Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bed Knobs and Broomsticks

Since I finished the dresser, I have been wanting to replace our bedspread. The green and brown bedspread was no longer matching with the rest of the furniture. But since I am on a budget, I was trying to come up with some creative solutions that I could do now, rather than wait and be annoyed every time I walked in my room. I already owned a down comforter, but haven't used it in a while, seeing as we live in Houston and all. I began my research on Pinterest for some DIY ideas when it came to duvet covers. One site had mentioned just using flat sheets, measuring, and sewing together to make a duvet cover. I figured I was capable of sewing a few straight lines. Luck would have it, when I went to Ross a few days later, I was able to find a double set of sheets for a good price. I got two flat sheets that were color coordinated, two fitted sheets, and four pillow cases.  And here is the end result. I still have a few finishing details to do, but all in all, I pretty pleased with the results. 

Aaron is still a little hesitant about the floral pattern. But I absolutely love it! He wanted more blue...

Here is another project I started before we moved. I wanted to get Ella a twin sized bed, so I needed to get twin sized bedding. Once again, trying to be thrifty, I took an old duvet cover we had, that we were no longer going to use. I cut it down to size, then added the tulle flowers and strips. I had to hand stitch all the flowers on. Ella wanted them all over the bed, but that was a little more work than I was willing to put in. Eventually, this will turn into a ballerina themed room with some tulle window coverings and art work. But this is a good start. 

 I totally forgot to post Halloween costumes on here. Ella has acquired some princess dress-ups so I decided to let her choose which princess she wanted to go as. She choose Cinderella. I think she makes a fabulous princess don't you?

And then there is Ty. I was too lazy this year to think of something to make, and too cheap to buy my two year old a costume. And since I am a Pinterest addict, this is what he got stuck with. Luckily, most people thought it was hilarious. Everything we already owned, plus a make-up beard and card board sign and we were good to go. While were trick-or-treating, Ty got really scared of going up to people's houses. So he spent most of the night, NOT working for candy, but sitting in the stroller. He is certainly a lazy bum. :-)

 These are pictures of Ella taking pictures of herself. I thought they were cute and wanted to share my child's cuteness with you all!


White Noise said...

Cute stuff! Cute Halloween costumes too. And your new house looks awesome!

Unknown said...

My kids were too scared to get out of the stroller too! They were the silent trick-or-treaters. But it was fun. I love the costumes and the house!

Marisa Jean said...

Lve th projects and those costumes! I LOVE the costume you put Ty in. Ha ha! So adorable!!!