Sunday, May 4, 2014

Is 7 months too long?

Is 7 months too long of a time in between posts? I have been so bad at keeping the blog updated. So I am now going to bombard you will pictures! Things have been different adjusting to baby number three. There is a 3 1/2 year gap between Ty and Wyatt and it was difficult getting back into baby mode. It was so nice to not have to worry about nap times or making sure my bag was packed with all the necessities to make it three hours. Diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, burp cloths, extra change of clothes (possibly for both mom and baby), pacifiers.... the list just goes on and on. I also felt like I dealt with the baby blues a little bit more this time. I think a big part had to do with Wyatt not sleeping very well until he was about 6 months old. I was just so exhausted all the time. A few melt downs and some awesome help from dad, I was able to feel a little more normal. I am so grateful for this beautiful baby and I am so grateful for a good nights sleep.

Wyatt has been such a good baby, minus the sleeping habits. He is a hungry mungry and still eats all the time. One of the best parts of this baby his his infectious smile. It really does light up a room. I can be upset, frustrated, and/or exhausted and then that little baby looks up at me and gives me the biggest grin and it all melts away.

Ty is so in love with his little brother. Nobody can get Wyatt to laugh like Ty can. I do have to remind Ty that he is significantly bigger than his little brother and cannot sit on him. But for the most part, Ty remains our gentle giant. He recently had his 4 year old check up. I talked to him about how he would be getting shots and that if he was big and brave we could get a treat afterwards. I explained that the Dr. would be looking at his ears, listening to his heart and making sure that he was growing the way he was suppose to be growing. I thought I had him okay to see the Dr. and then he would say "but the Dr. will give me shots? I don't want to go." Ty did so awesome at the visit. When it was time for his shots, he was a rock star, didn't even cry. He was so proud of himself. He got to tell sister all about it when she got home from school. Right now, he goes to preschool twice a week and loves it.

Ella still loves kindergarten. And she absolutely loves her teacher. She had her kindergarten program a few weeks ago and was selected to read her paper she wrote about the things that she learned in Kindergarten. She was the very first speaker and she was amazing. She really got into all the dance moves and singing. She is growing up so fast and turning into such a little lady. She loves helping take care of Wyatt and she and Ty are great playmates.

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White Noise said...

7 months is NOT too long! It can't be, or I'll be in trouble over the 18 months it's been on our family blog!
Wyatt is so cute! I can't wait for he and Cormac to play together this summer.