Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And we got a dog, Ella earns a scholarship, Ty starts Kindergarten, and Wyatt is crazy!

Aaron and I have always talked about how someday, we would get a dog. We just didn't realize that someday meant when I was 4 months pregnant with baby #4. I have a pretty solid relationship with my Dad's wife Kim. I had let her know that we were thinking about trying to get pregnant. So when my dad brought up the idea of breeding their dog, Gypsy, so we could have one of her puppies, Kim mentioned that it might not be the right timing for us since I might soon be pregnant. My dad's response, "But Ty needs a dog." So...we got a puppy.

Luna has been such a good dog. She potty trained really fast and is super affectionate. And she is so great with the kids, especially Wyatt. We have had friends watch her for us when we travel and they never want to give her back. I take that as a good sign that we got a keeper. 

Ella earned a dance scholarship last year from her dance studio. I absolutely love watching her dance. Even though she is only 7, she is so graceful.  This video is of her spring recital. She had a couple of solos in this one. We are so proud of her.

She is still dancing and she loves it. Her teachers are fantastic and she has some serious talent. 
She was also entered into a western art show. Only 600 or so kids were entered out of 50,000. Our little artist in the making.

She is always an amazing big sister. Wyatt adores her. He always want her to tuck him in to bed and if Aaron and I don't give him what he wants, he turns directly to Ella and asks for it. 

Ty started kindergarten this year and is doing great. He got the same teacher Ella had and we love her. He is so smart. Apparently he got my dad and brother's photographic memory. So once he learns something, it just sticks. He loves figuring out how things work, taking apart flashlights to see how you put them back together. Ty also loves playing with Asher. He has so much fun with little babies and is super sweet with them. 

And then there is Wyatt! I feel like you have to spend a couple days with Wyatt to truly appreciate his range of emotions. He can make you want to scream and pull your hair out one minute and make you laugh hysterically the next. He has certainly tried my patience more than the other kids, but he is our comedic relief and I wouldn't have him any other way, (okay, maybe a little less stubborn would be nice.) He is certainly the life of the party. When he is upset, he melts into the floor. He just slowly sinks down till he is laying flat on the floor like a lifeless fish. He talks all the time, and we understand him most of it. He loves to laugh at himself and loves playing basketball. Our family would not be complete with out him. 

This Christmas, at Kim's family party, they had an ugly sweater contest. And Wyatt thought that he was a part of it. This is a video of him standing at the front showing off his sweater...


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Matt and Haley said...

Luna is seriously the cutest dog ever. We'd love to watch her for you guys if you need it! You'll have to send me the link to Ella dancing; I wasn't able to view it. Congrats on her art! That's really cool.