Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ella Crawling some more

It has only been a week since I last videoed Ella crawling. This is her now! It's crazy how fast they catch on to things!!


Amber said...

Wow! Look at her go. I can't believe how quickly and young she is crawling. Time to start baby proofing!
I'm sorry about your A/C. What a drag, and a headache, and HOT. We went two days sans A/C in July and it was the grumpiest two days of my life so I feel very sorry for you. I hope it gets fixed soon.

skcoe said...

My daughter Mayci is LOVING this video, she cried when it was over! Ella is so beautiful- I'm so glad you used that name, look at her big eyes!

Love cousin Sheryl

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