Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are home from the hospital and trying to settle into a routine. Ty thinks that he needs to eat constantly and I am trying to convince him otherwise. He is a very relaxed baby. He only cries when he is hungry. He doesn't even cry when he has a dirty diaper. He likes to just hang out with everyone.

Ella has been great. She thinks that baby brother is cute and she loves to help me whenever possible. (But only when it comes to baby brother stuff). She really hasn't acted out too much. We are just trying to recuperate from Grandma and Grandpa Killpack coming and spoiling her. :-)

I am just trying to adjust to no sleep and being concerned about two kids instead of one. But all and all, I am doing great and enjoying this time right now.


Matt and Haley said...

Can't wait to meet him!

Wendy Lady said...

There's nothing better for a girl than to have the opportunity to play mother to a new little brother! Your kids are beautiful.