Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things to smile about...

One of the first things to smile about is we finished the tiling in our Kitchen! When my wonderful mother-in-law come into town after Ty was born, we started, and then I finished it after she left. We have few tiles to cut to go around the outlets, but other than that everything is done. And for never tiling before, I think it looks pretty good. Hopefully this is the last thing we decide to do to our kitchen while we are living here.

This isn't really something to smile about, but what else can you do but laugh. On Saturday, when Aaron and I were cleaning the house so we could party the rest of the day, our beautiful daughter was trying to make herself even more beautiful by putting on my mascara. Here are the results:

She even managed to get it on her eyelashes!
And one more thing to smile about is.. Ty started smiling in response to things. It has been really fun. He loves listening to people talk to him and he love watching his sister. He is especially smiley after he eats. :-)


White Noise said...

Love the mascara!

And the tiling looks great. Someday I might have a home, and if I do, I hope I can put cool-looking rocks in it, because that's awesome.

skcoe said...

Her eyes...oh my gosh look how big and blue and GORGEOUS they are!

And your sweet baby...do you remember the old wall hanging Grandma used to have in her bedroom and all the way around it it was like baby/1 year old pictures of her children? He has a little bit of every one of her boys! Killpack, through and through...

Miss you!

Marisa Jean said...

I think she looks pretty dang good with that make-up on. She does a better job at it than I do--which is why I don't wear make-up.

That little boy is so freaking cute, it's killing me! Those chubby cheeks---oooohhh! I could just eat him up!