Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our babies

Our little guy just gets bigger and bigger everyday, It's just so different having a boy. Ella was so petite and just all girl, and Ty is all boy. And a big mama's boy at that. He loves to eat and really doesn't let anyone else hold him but me. Hopefully he will grow out it. I love that Ella loves on everybody. For the most part he is a pretty good baby. He doesn't really like taking naps and we have been struggling with that. But it is getting better the more we get on a schedule. It amazes me to think that he is only 5 weeks old. It feels like he has been apart of the family for much longer that that.

Ella sat down for lunch the other day and grabbed a magazine to read. I thought it was really cute. She is doing really well with her little brother. She tells us she loves him and that Ty is cute. She is not too happy with the attention that mommy shows Ty will feeding him all the time. So she follows me around the house everywhere. She is getting so big and she has a big attitude to go with it. She is her mother's daughter. Probably just getting a little taste of my own medicine, right?


White Noise said...

So cute! I'm glad Ella likes your little porker. When Cole was little I used to call him Mister Man because he was just so boyish and masculine and so different than Caitlyn had been.

Can't wait to see you you guys and Ty this summer!!!!!!

Marisa Jean said...

He's getting so big! I think I'd be jealous of a younger sibling, too. :) Once he's old enough to know how valuable a good nap is, you'll be begging him to wake up!