Monday, March 7, 2011

Big girls and Baby boys

I was reviewing pictures on my camera and came across some pictures Ella took with out my knowledge. This picture is one Ella manage to capture that didn't include some fingers.

These two play so well together. It's nice that they can entertain each other and get along doing it. I am sure these times won't last, but I will take it while I can.

Here is a picture before I cut Ty's hair. I haven't every cut it so he had some really dark bangs and blond roots. It always makes me sad to have their first hair cuts, but it was necessary.

Here is the after picture. He looks so handsome. There isn't much of a difference, but he looks more like a little boy.

One of my friends is having a little girl, so I thought i would make her a little outfit. I love that these projects get easier as I go. It was fun making this. The hardest part was making the little pom poms for the booties. I have bruises on my fingers from using the scissors so much.

This video is how my days go. Ty just follows Ella everywhere. He absolutely adores his big sister. I think Ella is a little partial to him too.


Marisa Jean said...

Cute outfit! You make me sick with your talent--and that's a good thing! :)

I cannot believe how much Ella looks like Kimmy! That picture of her in the cheer outfit I almost dropped my jaw. She looks just like her, lucky gal (I wanna look like anyone in your family, you little models!)

White Noise said...

They are so cute! And take it from me, there's no reason for them not to stay great friends forever. They have great parents and adorable little personalities. (I love the little outfit you made, too.)

Wendy Lady said...

Your kids are growing so quickly. I can't believe how big Ty is!

I'm completely impressed with your crocheting skills. The outfit is beautiful.